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AutoTRANZ is a company engaged in transportation solutions for leasing corporate vehicles, Logistics Transportation, Driver Services, and other vehicle services.

AutoTRANZ was founded in 2005 and is committed to always providing quality and best service for all our customers. With our experience and professionalism, we are sure that continue to progress and develop together to become one large company in Indonesia in the field of provider Vehicle.


We are ensuring the best
customer experience

Quality Vehicle Brands

AutoTRANZ provides various brands and types Vehicles according to your company's operational needs. We ensure that every vehicle that is rented by you have the quality according to the manufacturer's standards Vehicle.


AutoTRANZ guarantees that all of our Vehicle's rent has been accompanied by valid documents and is still valid because it was obtained legally and has been pay taxes according to the provisions applicable government.

Maintenance, Repair & AHS

AutoTRANZ takes care of the Vehicle regularly following applicable standards. Maintenance and Repair carried out by professionals in the ATPM standard workshop network, scattered in big cities in Indonesia. Specifically for who are super busy and don't have time for maintenance vehicle, we provide AutoTRANZ Home Service, namely Mobile Services (Mobile) unique from special AutoTRANZ to serve Care periodic and light directly at your place

Emergency Management (ERA)

Is a superior service provided by AutoTRANZ to serve the current state of emergency you experience on the way, like flat tires, soaked battery, key contacts left in a locked car, accidents, etc. This Emergency Road Side Assistance service includes the provision of tow truck facilities and is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, including national holidays

Reliable Driver

Our selected drivers have been provided with training, professional ethics, and an attitude to serve wholeheartedly. This services you from recruitment problems, payroll, and mentality problems drivers who often interfere with business.

Risk Protection

AutoTRANZ through a reputable and Credible Insurance Company, give Good Protection for Vehicle, Driver, Passenger as well as parties third, against the risks of loss caused by an accident, theft, riot, and natural disasters.

Replacement Vehicle

AutoTRANZ guarantees the Company's operations by providing a replacement vehicle 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, if your rental vehicle experiences a problem or accident.

National Coverage

AutoTRANZ delivers Vehicle and Driver rental services for corporate customers in almost all big cities in Indonesia which are adapted to the conditions infrastructure each region, AutoTRANZ will continue to provide the commitment to the maximum level of service by the applicable contract


AutoTRANZ following 3 working steps

  • Chose our services

    There are 2 service options that we provide namely Passenger vehicle rental services and commercial vehicles, which are divided into Short Term Lease, Long Term Lease, and the Car Ownership Program.

  • Make your appointments

    After choosing our services, then we will direct to make an appointment with Our Consultant, just fill in the biodata on the form provided

  • Our consultant will contact you

    After everything has been done, then a maximum of 1x24 hours Our consultant will contact you


Feel best experiences with our rental deals

  • Convenience

    In each vehicle selection, maintenance, and the driver selection has passed the selection and adhering to established high standards, so that customers can feel comfortable which is great when using our services

  • Safety

    We guarantee the safety of each of our customers. The vehicles that we rent are equipped with valid documents and are still valid and protected by good insurance on vehicles, drivers, and passengers. Besides we take care of the vehicle regularly and alway

  • Profitable

    AutoTRANZ offers competitive prices. customers don't need costs like insurance, vehicle tax, maintenance, and fees other unexpected


Our Rented Vehicles


Kijang Innova Type G


CRV 2.0 AT


Alphard Type G


Pajero Sport


Civic 1.5 Turbo AT


Ertiga 1.4 Dreza GS AT


Gran Max


Avanza 1.3 G MT


Avanza 1.5 Veloz AT


Brio 1.2 RS MT


Vellfire 2.5 G AT Limited


Camry 2.5 V AT


Jazz 1.5 S MT


Rush 1.5 G AT


Fortuner 4X2 2.7 SRZ AT BSN


Mazda 6 AT


Mazda 2 R AT


Xpander 1.5 Ultimate


HRV 1.8 Prestige AT


CX-5 2.5 GT AT


Panther 2.5 Smart MT


Elf NLR 55 T Box Besi


ELF NMR 71 T SD Box Besi


Serena HWS 2.0 Twotone


X-Trail 2.0 CVT AT


BRV 1.5 E AT


Calya 1.2 G AT


Honda Mobillio 1.5 AT


Sigra 1.2 X MT




E 300 AMG A/T


What did they say?

M. Amin

Manufacturing Industry

We are very satisfied with AutoTRANZ services in supporting our operational vehicles so far (+/- 7 years), We as customers hope that AutoTRANZ remains the best vehicle rental service company

Arih Kusmanto


We are very satisfied with the service from AutoTRANZ starting from the provision of vehicle units, rental prices, services, and others. Hopefully, it can be maintained always for its service. Thank you and best of luck for AutoTRANZ

Atet Wiyono


We are very satisfied with AutoTRANZ Services for supporting our operational vehicles for approximately eight years. We as customers hope that we can continue to establish good and sustainable cooperation in the future

Lakssiwi Hirawan


The collaboration between us and AutoTRANZ which has been running for approximately 6 years, we are satisfied with the cooperation and services provided by Autotranz in terms of providing vehicle rental services so far and we hope that the services provided by AutoTRANZ can be maintained so that this collaboration can run well good and mutually beneficial for both parties

Hendra Lukmana


We have been working with AutoTRANZ for 10 years. We are satisfied with the service provided with very good points. Hopefully, the good performance and cooperation during these 10 years can be maintained and improved to the best



I can't believe it, we've been interacting for more than 10 years. We have been through many ups and downs. During that time, our company would like to thank you very much for the support and cooperation that continues to this day. With friendly service, fast response to requests, satisfactory solutions, excellent service, we are sure AutoTRANZ will be more developed in the future. Keep it up and continue to improve positive and don't be complacent with the current achievements, continuing will be one of the keys to survive in today's era of fierce competition

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