• Who is AutoTRANZ?

    AutoTRANZ is a company engaged in transportation solutions for leasing Corporate vehicles, Logistics Transportation, Driver Services, and other vehicle services

  • What are the services provided by AutoTRANZ?

    AutoTRANZ provides corporate vehicle rental services, logistics transportation, driver services, and other services. With three programs, namely Short-Term Lease Program, Long-Term Lease Program, and Vehicle Ownership Program

  • What are the benefits for me if I use the AutoTRANZ services?

    We have 3 missions: Convenience, Safety and Profitable. We guarantee you get the points from the beginning to the end of the service usage period. You can enjoy easy online reservations through the AutoTRANZ website, a guarantee of prime vehicle conditions, travel insurance, long-term customer services such as AHS (AutoTRANZ Home Service) and ERA (emergency road assistance) 24 hours a day, replacement vehicles if they occur during the rental period. We also have official workshops that have a national network.

  • Where can I use AutoTRANZ services?

    AutoTRANZ provides Vehicle and Driver rental services for corporate customers in almost all major cities in Indonesia which is adjusted to the infrastructure conditions of each region, AutoTRANZ will continue to provide a commitment to the maximum level of service according to the applicable contract.

  • How to access AutoTRANZ services?

    You can make a reservation for our services through the website or contact us via telephone number +62 21 22454240 or WhatsApp +62 813-1493-0000

  • What types of vehicles does AutoTRANZ rent?

    AutoTRANZ rents cars with various capacities with a wide selection of vehicle types including city cars, MPV, SUV, single/double cabins, commercial cars, and various vehicles.

  • Where can I contact AutoTRANZ?

    Tel +62 21 22454240 - WA +62 813-1493-0000 - Social media : IG (autotranz.official), FB (autotranz.official), Twitter (autotranz_id), Linkedin (autotranz) - Web : www.autotranzcarrental.com - Walk in to AutoTRANZ head office

  • Can I leave my vehicle with AutoTRANZ for rent?

    At this time we have not received vehicle rentals for rent back.

  • Can I hire an AutoTRANZ driver only, without renting a vehicle?

    AutoTRANZ driver services can only be used in conjunction with car rental services from AutoTRANZ.

  • How do I contact AutoTRANZ if I have questions, suggestions, or problems?

    Tel +62 21 22454240 - WA +62 813-1493 - Social Media : IG (autotranz.official), FB (autotranz.official), Twitter (autotranz_id), Linkedin (autotranz) - Web : www.autotranzcarrental.com

  • What are the AutoTRANZ services that can be accessed through the website?

    You can make reservations for Short-Term Rental, Long-Term Rental, and Car Ownership Programs, and find all information about AutoTRANZ products and services, as well as the latest information about AutoTRANZ events, car rental trends, as well as tips, travel reviews, and other interesting information.

  • What are the features of the AutoTRANZ website?

    1.Car rental services 2. Blogs and articles 3. Careers 4. Help Center 5. Locations 6. Contact Us

  • Can I rent a car via the website?

    Yes, can

  • How do I make a car reservation through the website?

    On the AutoTRANZ homepage www.autotranzcarrental.com, select the service you want (short term rental, long term rental, car ownership program, passenger car rental, and commercial vehicle rental), After that, you will be taken to the booking page where you will be asked to fill in the required data including name, email address, telephone number, and company name. After that, you will be contacted by our consultant for a maximum of 1x24 hours.

  • Can I use the Corporate Car Rental service through the website?

    Yes, Can