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Should You Wash Your Car After It's Rained?

By: AUTOTRANZ ADMIN | Thursday, 22 September 2022
Do not underestimate the rainwater that drenches the car body. If allowed to dry on its own too often, rainwater containing acid levels can damage the outermost paint layer (clear coat). Rainwater containing salt and fine dirty grains will also leave particles that can trigger rust on some parts of the body. Therefore, rinsing the body with clean water after being scalded by rainwater becomes very important. After washing with chamois, dry it using a towel. Parts of the door, trunk, and hood must also be drained from water seepage, especially on the hinges and edges.

Keep in mind, don't just wipe to drain rainwater from the body. This method will not repel the acid content in the paint layer. Leaving the body to dry on its own after being scalded by rain for up to three days is also not good. This is because during that time the fungus can grow and the remnants of rainwater begin to form deposits.

In addition to rinsing the entire body, spraying water on the underside of the car, such as the legs (wheels) is also important. The reason is, the undercarriage of the car is very vulnerable to corrosion. Avoid washing using high-foam shampoos as unwashed foam residue can leave marks on the paint layer.