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Driving at Night safety Tips

By: AUTOTRANZ ADMIN | Thursday, 29 July 2021
Driving at night is very tiring especially when traveling long distances. We have to be very focused during the trip. In this article, we provide some tips on how to drive safely at night:
  • Keep headlights, taillights, signal lights, and windows clean
  • Check to make sure the headlights are properly, even on new cars
  • Dim the instrument panel and dash lights
  • Turn headlights on in early twilight
  • Reduce speed and increase following distances
  • Make sure your speed would allow you to come to a complete stop within the distance illuminated by your headlights
  • Do not use high beams when following or approaching another vehicle
  • Use the left edge of the road as a visual guide if blinded by oncoming lights
  • Rise or lower the rearview mirror to eliminate bright reflection from following cars
  • Periodically stop for light snacks, exercise or a nap
  • Keep your eyes moving rather than focusing on one area
  • And, of course, never drink and drive!

Here's some information from us, hopefully, it's useful.
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